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A Deeply Rooted Congregation

Methodism first came to the mountains of Brevard in the form of open air Camp Meetings during the early 1840's. After hauling in the summer crops, hundreds of people would gather in a field, where Camp Carolina is located today, and sing songs of faith and hear the persuasive preaching of traveling preachers beneath the hand hewn arbor. In 1847, the Methodist Camp Ground soon gave way to a regular church building and weekly worship, and adopted the name of Oak Grove. Oak Grove Methodist Church was the first established Methodist Church in Transylvania County, therefore hoisting the title of "Mother Church of Methodism". They boasted a 29 person attendance and a budget of $329.

In 1960, it was decided that the number of people had outgrown the small building on the hill and could not expand because of the graves surrounding the building The people had even converted several parked school buses in order to house Sunday School meetings. They eventually purchased 3 acres of land a quarter of a mile away on the Asheville Highway. The church believed that the name of the newly located church should change, so they adopted the name of St. Timothy, a Greek name meaning "worshiper of God". The first worship service as St. Timothy Methodist Church was held December 1, 1963

The people who gather today as St. Timothy UMC still open wide our arms to be a welcoming place for those who seek to worship God and to join others in ministry to the world and community. We gladly remember the story of our roots, and realize that wherever God leads us today and tomorrow, we stand with strong foundations. We will continue to grow in the light of God's grace, as sturdy as any oak tree. 

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