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St. Timothy is a church committed to being faithful discipleship of Jesus Christ. We primarily do this by spiritual formation and serving others. Below are some ways we formally do this work.

Prayer Group

The heart of St. Timothy is a small group that meets every Monday morning to lift the burdens and needs of our community to the presence of God. This group also sends postcards to those who have been prayed for, assuring them of God's presence and our love.



For many years St. Timothy has been an active supporter of the Society of St. Andrew Gleaning ministry.  This ministry partners with local farmers to gather food that cannot be commercially harvested. Our members pick the food and deliver it to local food ministries.

Sharing House

St. Timothy is a big supporter of Sharing House because it is a wonderful cooperative Christian Ministry that serves the poor in our county through a multitude of ways. Rather than try to do these forms of ministry on our own, we prefer to combine our resources with the larger body of Christ to make a greater impact for the world. We are very proud that the CEO of Sharing House is one of our former pastors, the wonderful Rev. Shelly Web!

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