Worship Service


At 10:55am we begin with music, announcements and a call from the people to worship God.  We also pray and share the peace of Christ with one another.

After we are gathered we spend some time listening to God's word read to us and we reflect on them through a sermon usually preached by our pastor.

Following the sermon we respond to God's word by confessing our faith using the creed.  We then transition to a time of prayer when we lift up members of our church and community.  We also respond using our gifts and collect an offering that helps the church sustain its ministry.

On the first Sunday of every month and on some special Sundays, we celebrate the Eucharist, also called Holy Communion.  Everyone is welcome to participate in this ancient practice in which we encounter the living God among us.

We always close with a song to leave as joyfully as we came and also a blessing as we go into the world with God's Spirit to give ourselves for others.