History of St. Timothy

St Timothy UMC has a long history in this area.  Before Transylvania county was even formed, Methodists were holding services in meeting houses.  Eventually after the Civil War, regular services were held at Oak Grove church.  Post World War II the congregation grew rapidly and it was decided that a new location was needed.

oak grove.jpg

In May 1960, three acres were purchased less than half a mile north of Oak Grove.   The congregation threw itself into fund raising efforts holding Friday night community dinners and “raising cane”.   In 1961 church members planted and harvested cane to be made into molasses and sold.

On November 24, 1963, the last service was held at Oak Grove.

As Oak Grove closed its doors, the doors at the new church opened.  The name St. Timothy was chosen.  Timothy comes from the Greek name “Timotheus” which means “a worshiper of God” or “one who honors God”.  It was felt that there was no better way to honor God than by worshiping Him in the new surroundings.

On December 1, 1963 the first service at St. Timothy was held in the fellowship hall which served as a temporary sanctuary.  The original building consisted of the fellowship hall, a kitchen, a study and six classrooms.  Additional rooms were added in 1965.  The sanctuary was completed in 1969.

The fellowship hall and a conference room were added in 1996.  In 2009 a campaign was undertaken to install stained glass windows in the sanctuary.  A major renovation of the Fellowship Hall was completed in 2017.

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