Adult Education

We're the 4Ls (Learning, Loving, Laughing, and Living) Adult Sunday School Class.

This class meets every Sunday morning at 9:45 in education wing.  You can’t miss us because our door has a beautiful 4Ls wooden sign on the door.

Adult Education

4 Ls

After a time of prayer, our class uses video based lessons which are followed by questions, discussion and further study.  Some of the authors that we have used and are planning to use are Adam Hamilton, Max Lucado, John Ortberg, and Amy-Jill Levine.  We are always on the look out for other great authors.

The subject of our studies vary from Biblical studies, studies of Biblical men and women, challenges in today’s life, and building a stronger Christian life.  These studies run from four to six weeks.  This class varies greatly in age and we welcome young adults to seniors.

If you would like to try out our class or join us, please let Pam Moll know, or just drop in any Sunday morning.


The Seekers class welcomes all who are interested in learning more about the bible and its wisdom for our lives.  In our class, we study the bible in depth.  We read the scripture and using different commentaries as a starting point, we have lively, facilitated discussions.  We place scripture in historical context and through questions and discussion, we discover the meaning and wisdom for today. 

We currently are studying the Harmony of the Gospels which looks at the gospels in 250 chronological events.  We are discussing each event as it is covered in each of the gospels.

We invite you to join us at 9:45am each Sunday in the education wing.

For more information, contact Al Hooper.

Bible Studies

In addition to the above classes, bible studies are offered at different times during the year.